South ParQ Vaccination Special Coming To Comedy Central in March

Get your first look at the upcoming “South ParQ” Vaccination Special coming to Comedy Central next month.

SOUTH PARK throughout its twenty plus year history has constantly found a way to both entertain and even insult many yet never seemingly losing its full appeal. Their most recent PANDEMIC SPECIAL episode has garnered over 4 million views while talking many of the issues people all over the world are faced with while combating the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Well the COVID train for the hit animated series isn’t slowing down by any means. Comedy Central just released the promo for their upcoming VACCINATION SPECIAL set to air on March 10th.

In the promo it shows SOUTH PARQ (as is has branded itself) residents lining up outside of a Walgreens in hopes to receive a vaccination and a bouncer is at the door like a nightclub. Then the STOTCH Family, Steven, Linda and Butters try to rush in to get the shot but are held off by security until an elderly woman who proclaims “79 BITCHES” is let in.

This is all while LMFAO’s hit song SHOTS is playing and there are disco lights going. Check out the promo for yourself and buckle up for the ride. Currently the series and the pandemic special can be streamed on the HBO Max platform.

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