Star Wars Bits: Detours’ First Trailer & Clips, Episode 2 & 3 Get 3D Release Dates

First, let’s talk about Star Wars: Detours.  If you don’t remember this one, or hadn’t heard of it, it’s the Seth Green helmed new cartoon show that stands as an officially sanctioned parody.  Here’s the official synopsis:

Star Wars Detours™ is an animated comedy that explores what daily life is like in a galaxy far, far away. There are no Empires striking back or attacking clones here. Instead, Star Wars Detours focuses on the universe’s regular folks and their everyday problems… which, to be fair, do frequently involve famous bounty hunters, crazed Ewoks, and even a Dark Lord of the Sith.

We’ve known about this show for a while, but fans finally got their first look at it with the debut of a trailer and three clips:

It’s interesting to me that the description talks a lot about ‘daily life’ with the ‘regular folks’ yet all the videos show are the famous characters in goofy situations…I get they’re trying to use the well known characters to connect to the larger fan base, but honestly, after reading the description, I was hoping to see more of the everyday characters they talked about.  Some of the jokes in the videos had me laughing, some of them had me wondering.  I honestly can’t decide how I feel about the show at the moment.  I like the overall idea, but am not too sure about it’s execution. I’m willing to give it a shot, and I hope other fans will try and keep an open mind with it. 

Next it’s onto more Star Wars in 3D.  Lucasfilm stated they were using The Phantom Menace 3D as a sort of test run.  If it performed well enough in theaters, they would go ahead and bring the other films back with their own 3D re-releases, giving many fans hope for seeing the original trilogy get a re-release as well.  Fans can get their hopes up a little higher now, as today during Celebration VI, Lucasfilm announced that Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith will both get re-releases in 2013. 


Episode II will be hitting theaters in 3D on September 20, 2013 and Episode III will come in the next month on October 11th, 2013.  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting them to release them so close to one another, I thought they’d space them out and milk more marketing from it…Which leads me to believe that the Original Trilogy films will be following soon after.  Also take note of the logo they released with the announcement.  It just says Star Wars 3D without talking about the prequel films specifically, meaning they could be referencing the entire saga.  Of course, I’m sure we’ll here more about those sometime next year, with perhaps even a trailer attached to the re-releases in September and October.

All in all, it’s a lot of things coming up for Star Wars fans to either be excited for, or give them yet another reason to bitch.  Personally, I’m on the excited side of the fence.  I love Star Wars and enjoy seeing it branch out and trying to stay new.  What do you guys think of it?