Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer Gives Us A Dark View of The End

Rebels has just gotten better and better and now we have our first trailer for the 4th and final season of the show, and things look dark. Check it out below.

Hera’s voiceover sends chills down my spine. Yes we saw the Ghost, Chopper, and heard General Hera being called for in Rogue One but when she says that’s how it ended I suddenly thought of everything we didn’t see. That trailer had so much in it with Death Troopers, Saw Guerera, the Rebel Base on Yavin but the main feeling very grim and final. It’s sad to know this is the final season because this show has given us so much in the time it’s been on.

I guess the real question here is who’s dying, because ultimately it feels like we’re about to lose one or more of the Ghost crew. Everything else looks so damn cool with all my favorite ships , I finally get some X-Wings in here, and new and old characters being introduced. But ultimately I have a feeling the show will go out with a bang and I predict that it’s going to take us right up to the beginning of Rogue One. You know what I want if I’m right.

Just end well and leave us satisfied guys, the ride has been great. While we don’t have the exact date expect the series in the Fall of this year and will run for a shortened 15 episodes instead of the regular 22. 

-Jason The X

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