Star Wars: The Bad Batch Will Include a Familiar Face (Exclusive)

We’ve heard word about at least one familiar face fans can expect to see in the upcoming Bad Batch animated series.

Despite being announced a little while ago, we’ve heard very little about the next Star Wars animated series, The Bad Batch. We know the show will take place after the events of Revenge of the Sith and put the focus on Clone Force 99 as they figure out their place in the new Imperial order.

Evidence has been mounting that the show will debut early in 2021 (Spring), which means we’ll hopefully get more details—and a trailer—sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I’ve heard from a number of sources that we’ll see at least one familiar character return: Bo-Katan.

On top of getting her live-action debut in The Mandalorian Chapter 11, Bo-Katan will return to her animated roots as well! At this point in the Star Wars timeline, this would be shortly after her role in the Siege of Mandalore (seen in the final season of The Clone Wars) and well before she took hold of the Darksaber in Star Wars Rebels.

It’s a relatively unexplored time, could definitely help fill in some gaps about what exactly happened to Mandalore during the age of the Empire. How exactly that all ties into The Bad Batch and what those specialized Clone soldiers are up to, hard to say. Perhaps it has something to do with the titular Clones seeking out their original, Mandalorian, heritage after feeling listless in the wake of the Clone Wars.

I wish I had more specific info to share and I’ll update as it comes it. Suffice it to say, Bo-Katan will continue to be apart of Star Wars storytelling. I’ve also heard she likely isn’t the only familiar character to expect in the show, but I don’t have enough sources to throw those down just yet.