‘Supergirl’ Cancelled: Season Six Will Be Its Last

To the dismay of many, The CW announced today that Supergirl has been cancelled, and that the upcoming sixth season will be its last.

This development will surely come as a bitter disappointment to fans (like myself) who only recently got into the series in the wake of the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. Others may have seen this coming as the ratings for Supergirl haven’t been the best in recent years. If nothing else, we should be grateful the show got six seasons, as it was originally cancelled after only one season on CBS (so thank you to The CW for giving us five more seasons of adventures with Supergirl).

If nothing else, at least this means the writers for Supergirl will have the chance to write a proper finale for Supergirl and we won’t have to worry about any plot threads being left hanging. Plus, with Superman & Lois arriving next year, there’s always the possibility of Supergirl popping up in a guest role from time to time (we can only hope).

I’m feeling pretty down about this news, but at least we have a 20 episode sixth season to look forward to. Supergirl’s final season is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2021.