Swamp Thing Production Ends Early

Production on the DC universe series Swamp Thing has come to a halt as Warner Bros steps in to take a look at the future of its DC Universe streaming service. Crew Members were notified Tuesday night that production of the series would wrap after episode 10 was done. This way the writers could rewrite the ending and possibly do reshoots. Swamp thing had been scheduled to film through May and premiere on DC universe May 31st with a total of 13 episodes.

The show was projected to last multiple seasons with the 1st season costing around $85 million dollars. It now seems that the future plans are kaput and now the future of the DC service itself seems to be at risk. All this news comes after the revelation of Disney revelation of the Disney Plus service which is scheduled to go online Nov. 12 this year with 2 payment plans of $6.99/mo. or $69.99/Yr. Warner is now considering if the DC service is even warranted because AT&T’s WarnerMedia has plans to start their own streaming service later this year which a price has not been established, but WarnerMedia CEO John Starkey has said :

it will be more expensive than the current HBO over-the-top subscription plan (which he said is priced more than fairly, thanks to the “emotional engagement” of WarnerMedia content like “Game of Thrones”).

Even though there are no definite news of what will become of the DC Universe service. We are left wondering what will become of the many other shows slated for the SVOD service. Even if the shows go into production, will Warner save it for the new streaming service or will they scrap all plans and sell to another service like Netflix to air their shows / VOD content?

While I was not pleased with DC Universe at the start, they have been slowly pushing out their original content shows such as Titans, Doom Patrol, & Young Justice: The Outsiders since its start in October 2018. I for one will be waiting to see what happens with Swamp Thing and what the future holds for the DC Universe service.


DCU breaks their silence with a tweet, which lets us know the show will air May 31st on DC Universe and gives us our first look at the Swamp Thing.