SYFY Channel gets the Rights to Child’s Play: The TV Series

 It seems that in February of 2018 it was announced that there would be a TV series titled Child’s play: The TV series and in June of that year franchise creator Don Mancini posted the below tweet:


Although the show is still in development things seem to be moving along smoothly as SYFY channel makes the announcement on SYFY Wire that they will air the series. But wait there’s more, you’ll be happy to know that Brad Dourif will be the voice of the little murder doll. A role he’s had since the first movie up to the most recent, Cult of Chucky.

Childs play joins a group of movies that are either on air or in development for TV, including Lost Boys, The Purge, Westworld, The Karate Kid, & Resident Evil (Yes, I know this one started as a video game to movie, but I’m still gonna count it)

cultofchucky multiplechuckys 700x324

Mancini along with Tom Holland (not that one) and John Lafia wrote the 80’s screenplay about the red-haired doll that gets possessed with the soul of a mortally wounded serial killer, Charles Lee Ray. Mancini will be involved with the TV series alongside David Kirschner & Nick Antosca. Not only is there a TV show in development but the movie franchise is also about to undergo a reboot with Chucky being a killer A.I. instead of a possessed doll looking for a new human host. The rebooted movie will release June 21st, 2019. No release date has been given for the TV series.

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