The Batman Prequel Series on HBO Max Gets New Showrunner

The upcoming HBO Max series set in the world of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, focusing on Gotham PD’s corruption has landed a new showrunner.

Announced this Summer, the (still) untitled The Batman prequel series on HBO Max found itself in need of a new showrunner after Terence Winter, left back in November due to “creative differences.” Things now look to be back on track for the series as WB has brought on Joe Barton (who created Giri/Haji) to help bring the show to life.

Where The Batman will show the cape crusader in his second year of crime-fighting, the series will show Gotham just as he’s emerging. So we’ll get to see how things came to be in the film, though from the perspective of those working in the Gotham Police Department.

Still no word on a release date/timeframe for the series, but considering The Batman has been pushed back to 2022, there’s a chance these will end up coming out relatively closer together than initially planned.