The First Order Rises to Power in the Star Wars Resistance Mid-Season Trailer; Season 2 Confirmed

The Racers of the Colossus are about to get some unexpected and unwanted new neighbors in the second half of Season 1.  When Star Wars Resistance returns to Disney Channel on Sunday, Jan. 13 10pm/10:30 pm EST/PST, Kaz & co. will have to deal with The First Order moving in and the threat of Starkiller base.  The new trailer depicts how Star Wars Resistance is beginning to fall right in line with the timeline of Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

The First Order has arrived, and it’s up to Kaz to rally his friends to defend the Colossus. Get your first look at what’s next for Star Wars Resistance this season in a harrowing mid-season trailer, and tune in when Star Wars Resistance returns on Sunday, January 13 on Disney Channel!

In addition to the release of the Mid-season trailer, Disney has announced that Star Wars Resistance will return for a 2nd Season  this Fall.

Star Wars Resistance returns This Sunday, January 13 on Disney Channel!