The Game is Afoot Again as Steven Moffat Drops Hints About Sherlock Year 3


After a delay that has driven fans crazy, season 3 of the BBC’s Sherlock is finally being filmed and will air this November. For the first time, the show may be simulcast in Britain and America, rather than forcing Americans to wait, or find ways to download the episode. Benedict Cumberbatch was quoted as saying, “Hopefully we’re going to broadcast it simultaneously here and in the States by the end of the year, I’m hoping. That is a hope that we talked about a while ago”. And speaking of America, there are rumors that an episode will be shot here in the USA.


Benedict “Khan” Cumberbatch and Martin “Bilbo” Freeman are both back in their roles as Holmes and Watson. Fortunately, movie stardom did not deter them from returning for another year of detective work.


Fans of the show have been speculating endlessly on how Sherlock could have survived his death plunge at the end of “the Reichenbach Fall”. Some theories have been clever and some ludicrous. We’ll finally find out in the third season opener “The Empty Hearse”.  The title is a word-play on the name of the Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes story “the Empty House”, which is the story where Holmes was revealed as being alive after his own apparent fall to certain death.  Moffat’s new series enjoys twisting the titles of the Conan Doyle tales, such as the name of the pilot episode which was “a Study in Pink” instead of Doyle’s “A Study in Scarlet”. An episode coming this year is “The Sign of Three” instead of “The Sign of Four”.


Writer/Co-Producer Mark Gatiss has revealed that the story arc of year three will be about Col. Moran—henchmen of the late Moriarty—plotting revenge on Sherlock.  Show-runner Steven Moffat has given three hints about what else this season would involve. The hints were “rat,” “wedding” and “bow,” whatever that may mean. “Rat” could be a reference to Doyle’s “Boscombe Valley Mystery” where the word Rat was a clue; “Wedding” could mean Watson is getting married, as he did in the Doyle books; and “Bow” could refer to “His Last Bow”, which was Holmes’ last case. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean that year three will be the last.