The Kids are Growing Up in Full Stranger Things 3 Trailer

The wait for the third season of Stranger Things has been longer than usual (thankfully we’ve had a nice book to scratch the itch), but we’re inching closer and closer to it’s July 4th debut. Today, that wait just got a little bit harder, with an exciting trailer that shows off plenty of new footage and a look at the threats to come: 

I’m digging the change in dynamic here and how they’re showing that the group is evolving as the kids grow older. It should set up some nice drama and character moments as the supernatural elements begin wreaking havoc on the town. The tail end of the trailer shows that something bad is definitely happening, and the Upside Down isn’t done with the town of Hawkins just yet. I mean, that new monster looks MEAN and I’m so ready to see what else is in store. 

July 4th can’t come soon enough!