‘The Lord of the Rings’ Amazon Series Renewed for 2nd Season

Pre-production is still underway for Amazon’s The Lord of the Ring series, but the streamer/retail giant has already greenlit a second season. More within.

Just about 2 years ago to the day, Amazon Studios acquired the rights to The Lord of the Rings series, which resulted J.R.R. Tolkien‘s estate earning a massive multi-million dollar payday. After two years of putting together an extensively talented crew of writers, producers, and stars, that team got amazing news, as they prepare to begin pre-production in New Zealand.

According to a report by Deadline, Amazon Studios has already renewed The Lord of the Rings series for a 2nd season. Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke has even commissioned the writers room to come back together to put the 2nd season together.

As part of that announcement, Amazon Studios has also let it be known that production on The Lord of the Rings series, that pre-dates The Fellowship of the Ring, will break for 4-5 months after the Pilot and Episode 2 are shot. It’s actually standard practice to break after the first two episodes are shot, to allow execs, producers, and writers to step back and look at where the first two episodes are taking the series, and adjust accordingly.

However, by making that break 4-5 months long, which is not standard practice, Amazon Studios is allowing enough time to have the 2nd season written up. That way, they can film both seasons at one time. It’s actually a practice that Peter Jackson employed when filming his Lord of the Rings trilogy, since it’s very expensive each time production begins on a big-budget project such as this. Furthermore, this method will allow less of a break between seasons, which should come to the delight of many fans of the series.

Overall, it’s huge news and should be a massive confidence boost for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series. To be greenlit for two seasons before you even begin shows how much faith Amazon Studios has in this series. That said, it isn’t surprising. Considering how much was spent to acquire the rights to this multi-season commitment and spin-off, this just seemed inevitable.

Pre-production on The Lord of the Rings series is underway. As more news on the series is released, we’ll have it here.