The Paths Are Coming Together in the Latest Trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 4

Over the weekend, the Star Wars youtube channel debuted the latest trailer for the highly-anticipated fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels!  It’s mysterious, it’s sinister, it’s exciting, and it has a premiere date!

It’s not hard to love Star Wars Rebels.  Since its debut, a few years ago, fans have followed our favorite rag-tag group of rebels through every part of the vast galaxy.  We’ve had throwbacks to Clone Wars with Rex and co., fantastic guest appearances from our favorite characters (i.e. Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Ahsoka, just to name a few), and we’ve seen the growth of every member of the Ghost.  

Now, it looks like that growth will come to a head as Ezra and Kanan appear to be at odds with the right way to handle the impending war with their fiercest opponent yet, Grand Admiral Thrawn.  What makes things worse is the fact that Hera might be a part of Thrawn’s plan. 

Oh buddy!  I can’t wait for this season of Star Wars Rebels!  Thankfully, it premieres on Disney XD on October 16, 2017!

Hopefully, with it being the final season, we won’t have any filler episodes.  Unlikely, that is.