The Stakes Are Real in the Latest Trailer for Westworld Season 2

If you haven’t caught up on HBO‘s Westworld, it’s high time you get on that before the April 22nd premiere.  For those who haven’t, this article will contain some spoilers (including the trailer).  If that doesn’t bother you, or you’re all caught up then let’s get right to it!

After the events of the 1st season where the robots ended up taking over the massive theme park, it looks like the first few episodes will be all about getting revenge over their human overlords.  What the latest trailer shows us is that the Westworld, we’ve come to know, is a lot bigger than we ever could’ve imagined and will take our robot heroes to places we never thought possible…after they’re finished with their murder spree…

Samurais, Galas, I can’t wait to see where HBO brings us in Season 2 of Westworld!  It’ll no doubt be brutal, epic, and just as insane as the first season!

Let’s see just how far the rabbit hole goes when Westworld Season 2 premieres on HBO, April 22, 2018!