The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Torments Female Fans Everywhere in New Season 4 Pic

Who is that masked man? Why it’s Norman Reedus of AMC’s most EPIC-cool zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead.  Season 4 is just a mere long and painful wait until October away, so it’s no secret that Dead fans have been dying to get even a micro peek at anything season 4 has to offer. Especially after the awes-mazing AMC #TWDMarathon over the July 4th extended weekend, and the season 4 sneaky peeky tucked into the Kevin Smith hosted marathon. But, hark! What have they done? Why have they covered up Daryl Dixon’s face with a bandit bandana? Might as well be a balaclava for apocalypse sake’s. Someone must have lost their darn mind. Either that or somebody just enjoys tormenting Norman Reedus’ aka Daryl Dixon’s lady fans. Twisted and very effective.

Walking-Dead 612x920

So now that we’ve slightly recovered from the horror, we are considerably appeased to discover that The Walking Dead promises to delight and frighten us even more! Season 4 Dead fans will enjoy a feast of even more petrifyingly terrifying zombies and they’re upping the ante on the survival stakes too. Looks like our resident survivors club could be rocked off the Richter scale by a new and improved ominous mystery threat. Oh the carnage, the wonderful zombiefied carnage! 

And speaking of carnage…

Why would anyone want to cover up Daryl Dixon’s face? Is it to torture us? Is it Halloween? Is he pretending to be the Kissing Burglar? OK, the mask does add intensity to the smolder Norman Reedus already has going on so us Daryl Dixon fangirls will play along for a while, but it’s dicey to mess with a man’s swagger. Daryl Dixon’s sex appeal is bona fide ratings gold. And every Daryl loving female fan in the house would agree with me when I say, “If it ain’t busted don’t cover it. Leave a gorgeous man alone with a full on close up. End scene. One episode, three minutes max, then that mask has gots to go.”