The WWE Brand Split: Who Will Be the Top Star of Each Brand?


Like him or not, John Cena has been the biggest name in World Wrestling Entertainment for a decade. He’s a 15-time champion and will probably end up breaking Ric Flair’s record of 16 championships. However, over the last two years, WWE CEO and God, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon has been determined to push his pet project Roman Reigns to the moon, making him the new face of the company. Reigns has become a three-time champion in less than a year. Rumor had it (until recently, anyway) that he was set to win a fourth belt at Battleground.


These two titans from Titan Towers have been McMahon’s favorites for a long time and rumor had it that they were going to be the top faces of the two respective brands. Reigns would reign on Raw, while Cena would star on Smackdown.  However, this is changing now.


According to several of the wrestling dirt sheets, including the, Vince is no longer enamored of Roman Reigns. After Reign’s suspension for a ‘Wellness Violation’ (we still don’t know which drug he tested positive for) Vince is apparently rethinking his plans to make Reigns the star of the show for the foreseeable future.


It’s become obvious to everyone with ears, eyes and a working brain that the Roman Reigns experiment has been a failure. Ever since he left the Shield and began his solo push, he’s been getting booed with increasing venom from the fans. No doubt, when he returns from his suspension, he’ll be showered with the loudest chorus of boo’s yet. Ironically, McMahon wanted to put Reigns on top as the face of the company to get away from the constant booing that Cena always got as champion. Now both are magnets for jeering.


WWE has made a point over the last two weeks to mock Reigns as much as possible. They’ve had Seth Rollins—who will be Reign’s opponent at Battleground—point out Reign’s violations and even do a funny edited interview with Reigns (using clips of old interviews) to make Reigns seem like a total jerk.


So it seems that the old plan to have Reigns rule Raw and Cena conquer Smackdown is in serious doubt. Some last minute rewriting and restructuring is being done. Triple H, Stephanie and the other minds behind the WWE all have their own ideas. So who will Vince choose as the top man for each program?


The latest rumors are the Seth Rollins and AJ Styles will be “the guys”.   Ever since Styles came to the WWE, he’s been on fire, giving consistently excellent matches. Vince McMahons has recently said “I wish I’d hired him 10 years ago”. Despite his recent Heel Turn, Styles is still getting cheered. The same goes for Seth Rollins. Both are excellent in-ring workers, who always deliver a memorable match and get cheers from the fans, even as bad guys.


At the moment, Dean Ambrose is the WWE Champion, and the original plan was for Reigns to win the belt in the 3-Way match with Rollins and Ambrose at Battleground, and to go on to fight Rollins one-on-one at Summerslam. That plan will probably change now, and most people feel that Reigns will not win the belt back at Battleground. Rollins will probably get it back at either Battleground or Summerslam. (Expect a Face Turn for Rollins in the near future.) As for Style, when the draft comes, AJ Styles will probably be drafted to Smackdown, along with Cena. That will allow Cena to fight Styles at Summerslam for the new Smackdown Title. Except AJ to pull out a surprise win over Cena.


Rollins and Styles are great performers and are very over with the fans. If the rumors are true, it’s probably a good idea that Vince is giving up the Reigns Experiment, and his over-reliance on Cena, to give us something new.  That’s what the audience has been waiting for…Something new! Let’s hope this Brand Split goes better than the last one.