This Animated Firefly Teaser is Amazing and Heartbreaking All at Once

The short-lived Joss Whedon science fiction series, Firefly, has garnered one hell of a fan base.  Despite getting the boot after one season, it struck a chord with geeks around the world, managing to spawn a movie to endcap the series, and some amazing comic books as well.  Fans (including myself) are still hungry for more stories set in this universe.  

Then comes Stephen Byrne, a great artist who’s worked on a variety of cool projects, with this amazing “teaser” for an animated Firefly show that’s sent the fanbase into a flurry of emotion: 

Seriously, that’s a pretty damn fine animation test right there.  The character models look impressive and the tone of it all feels like exactly what you want.  The biggest problem here is that I can’t watch this show right this very second and we likely never will.  It’s a fun glimpse at what could be and no matter how much money I throw at the screen, I don’t see it coming to fruition.  At least it’s still great to look at…