Trailer for Book Three of The Legend of Korra Released After 4 Episodes Leak Prematurely

Earlier this week, fans were given a rather advanced preview when four of the episodes (3-6) were leaked over the Internet. However, the majority of the Avatar fanbase were quick to condemn the leaks and made it clear they had no intention of making them go viral. On his tumblr page, Avatar co-creator Michael Dante Dimartino of “Mike & Bryan” stated:

Nickelodeon is obviously a massive corporation with outlets all over the world. These outlets get the episodes in advance so they can translate and dub them for their markets. We typically deliver the episodes to the network quite close to their U.S. premieres, but in the case of Book 3, we have actually already finished the entire season as of last week. The network has some plans in the works for it and needs to wait on its release, so we have been keeping quiet while keeping our noses to the Book 4 grindstone.

Unfortunately, the longer the episodes sit on all these shelves all over the world, the probability of leaks increases.

He went on to personally thank the fans regarding their efforts to contain the leaks and stated the order by which the episodes are intended to be viewed will make the wait worthwhile.

You can read the full statement here.

While The Legend of Korra has helped extended the Avatar storyline beyond the original trilogy arcs, fans have made it known Season Two was beyond disappointing. With an ending on Season One that would rival any show on HBO, the previous season appeared to be one giant headache of utter silliness with the occasional moments of Korra herself going into Breaking Bad mode (an example of this would be the interrogation scene involving the use of Naga to get a Water Tribe Judge to release her father). At Dallas Comic Con last month, I did speak with fans and fellow cosplayers who made it clear Season Two was definitely subpar with perhaps the exception of the “Won” episodes: the two-part story telling of how the first Avatar came to be (think Miyazaki folklore with a splash of Old Testament).


Myself dressed as Avatar Aang with one of the many Korras at Dallas Comic Con 2014.

The trailer appears to give viewers a sense of the show returning back to its more darker and mature vibe that made the Season One so memorable. One obvious spoiler answers the long-awaited question as to whether Zuko is still alive. Rest assured fans the question has been answered. He’s also sporting a nice “Uncle Ioah” beard in the process (see at 1:18). It also appears the Airbenders may not have been all completely wiped out as originally believed. We also see new locations and air balloons that look as if they were taken straight out of Final Fantasy. But don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself.