TV Review: Louie—”Something is Wrong”

Ah yes, Louie is back.  One of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of the past few years made its return to FX last night, thrusting star Louis CK into a couple scenarios he’s more than used to.  Awkwardly dealing with women, lack of communication with his fellow man getting him in to trouble, and failing miserably at something he’s never done before—all familiar events for Louie.  Intercut with some fabulous jokes about his age, his sexual life, and his dick, of course.

The episode begins with a classic stand up act from Louis CK, discussing how his eyesight is going bad due to his age. But since this is Louis CK, it obviously becomes a discussion about how his dick kind of sucks, and how he sees it blurry even WITH his reading glasses on. And then the conversation turns to old people buying new dicks. The act ends, and we transition to a dialogue heavy and sparsely funny break up scene with Louie and his girlfriend of six months. Oh Louie, it’s so nice to have you back.

LouieSeason3 SomethingisWrong

Like I’ve already said, this episode contains a lot of stuff that we’ve seen Louie tackle in the past. Even then, it manages to still entertain. Well the conversation between Louie and his girlfriend was a little long, it felt real in a way only Louie can. The segment wasn’t exactly the funniest break up the shows ever done, but it was genuine and clever enough to keep me invested.  

Following the break up, the episode quickly picked up, escalating to Louie buying himself a motorcycle and predictably crashing it.  The scene with Louie and the motorcycle was pretty hilarious, spectacularly stage by CK.  The extreme stunt biker gang was pretty great, and I love how that scene subverted the expectation that Louie would crash due to replicating one of the stunts; he just crashed from not paying attention.  This scene was the standout of the episode for me, and seeing Louie trying to act cool in leather was definitely a highlight.

Louie SomethingisWrong

Well the rest of the episode wasn’t as strong as the first half, it certainly had its moments.  I loved the doctor’s frankness with Louie about how stupid he thinks people are who drive motorcycles.  Meanwhile, the old lady crazily screaming in the background created the perfect tone for the hospital scene (also, nice callback to the “What about Obama?” line from last season, one of the show’s funniest lines.)  And well I was surprised to finally meet Louis’ ex-wife, I appreciated how Louis CK took the high road and didn’t portray her as a heartless bitch (though I don’t understand how Louie married a black woman, yet both his kids are super white…c’mon, there should be some kind of swirl in there!)

The ending of the episode was fitting, and futhur dove into what exactly makes the character of Louie.  He’s so pathetically passive agressive and lonely that, despite the fact that he knows nothing serious will come of his relationship with his current girlfriend, he wants her to stay anyways.  Louie is one of the most complex character studies on TV, and I love finding out more about this sad sack comedian as the episodes go on.  So well “Something is Wrong” is not nearly the strongest episode of Louie, for a season premiere, it does just fine a job of introducing us back into the world of Louie.  And I’m so glad to be back in that world.

Score: 8 out of 10

LouieInjured SomethingIsWrong

Loose Ends:

-The tag at the end with Louie and a random citizen discussing the street sign was hilarious, and very relatable.  Even if you don’t live in New York, everyone knows how annoying non-descripte street signs are.

-Half of me wishes Louie could met at least ONE genuinely nice girl.  Even Pamela is kind of a bitch to the poor guy.

-I don’t remember the exact line, but Louie’s ex-wife’s boyfriend calling Louie an “ass-neck” was pretty funny in a “What the hell does that even mean?!” kind of way.

-So same thing with Louie that applies for every other TV show we’ve covered here at TheMoviePool; if we get enough hits for the reviews, we will continue to cover the show.  So tell your friends!



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