TV Review: The Legend of Korra—”When Extremes Meet”

So first things first, I apologize for my extended abscenese in reviewing Korra in the last few weeks.  I’m a little late doing it this week because of the general madness of E3 happening at our sister site, PushStartSelect.  My excuse for not reviewing the show last week was pretty sound, though—the show was taking a break, so there was no episode to review!  And the week before that—well, I’ll be honest, this is a pretty busy time for me right now.

But enough about me and my unimportant personal life; there’s a lot to talk about this episode, so let’s get right to it.  The episode began with Mako, Bolin, and Asami moving into Air Temple Island.  This led to a pretty humorous opening scene, led vailently by the three Airbender Kids.  Every single one of them had their moment to shine, but it was really Meelo who took the cake this time around.  He’s unabashed flirting with Asami was hillarious, as was the “Welcome to My Domain” line.  Meelo really hasn’t been in the series a lot, so it’s nice to see him pop up here.

TheLegendofKorra TeamAvatar2

But even though “When Extremes Meet” began humorously, this episode was far from it.  There was some pretty chilling stuff here, even by this series’ standards.  Of course the most haunting aspect of the episode was the reveal that Tarrlok was a blood bender.  Blood bending was a horrifying element that had a lot of potential in The Last Airbender, but was never really touched upon furthur in the show.  Hopefully, it will have a greater focus here.

Tarrlok’s reveal as a down and and out bad guy was predictable, but still pulled off well.  The way in which he fought Korra was downright nasty, in that he didn’t care about potentially murdering a seventeen year old girl.  The scene where he and his police force brutalized the innocent non-benders was pretty haunting, and pointed to some of the politcal paraboles to Civil Rights and Apartheid that this show has been trying to get across.  The episode ended with a cliffhanger, I think the first time The Legend of Korra ever has.  After its week off, The Legend of Korra seems to be back in full force, and will end this season with an appropriate bang.

Score: 9 out of 10

TheLegendofKorra KorraTarrlok

Loose Ends:

-My personal hope for next week’s episode is that it will be all about Tenzin and Bei Fong investigating Korra’s dissappearance, without seeing any of Korra or the rest of Team Avatar.  But judging how we only have four episodes left until the end of the season, I doubt we’ll see an episode like that…shame, really.

-Which reminds me…how the hell is Tarrlok going to try to keep this a secret?  He was the only one there, and half the freaking City Hall is destroyed!

-I love Bolin’s realization that they are essentially Team Avatar 2.  This character is quickly becoming the new Sokka, and I’m loving it.

-The two instances of Anime over-reaction were pitch perfect, especially Korra’s.

-The issue of Korra’s failure as an airbender and lack of spirituality was brought up again, and it seems like it will be a point that the show will really focus on the next few seasons.

-I still don’t know what’s happening in the flashbacks, but bloodbending is somehow involved.  Could Tarrlok have learned bloodbending by Yakon?  Ah…who cares.  As long as we see more of Aang’s beard, I’ll be content.