Vikings Season 3 Premieres Tonight on History Channel

Ragnar Lothbrok believes he is descended from the gods, a true son of Odin himself. He is an adventurer, a warrior, a seafarer, an explorer, a farmer, a raider and now he is a king. In a position of real power now because of his daring, Ragnar will once again show his quality as a shrewd leader of men.

The shores of Wessex are filled with the promise of land and the possibility of a new Viking dynasty in a new world across the sea. Despite his efforts and ambition Ragnar can only hope that the gamble he is taking with his life and the lives of the men and women who follow him will work in his favor. King Ecbert, lover of all things Roman, seems to be an ally but only time will tell if he will follow through and make good on his promises. There are more players on the board of political intrigue, and these new variables are sure to cause conflict and challenges to Ragnars goals. The events that will arise from these clashes, schemes and gambits are sure to be interesting to say the least.

Next on the legendary Viking’s bucket list is Paris, a city even back then that held enthralled any who encountered it. It is rumored to be impregnable which is a challenge that has the lure of a siren call and Ragnar is determined to conquer it. And knowing Ragnar how can he resist?


Returning to their roles is Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok, Clive Standen as Ragnar’s loyal brother Rollo, Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha, the extraordinary shieldmaiden, and an earl in her own right. She is also Ragnar’s former wife and mother to Bjorn Lothbrok who is played by Alexander Ludwig. Fan favorites Athelstan and Floki are also joined by the new characters who will be introduced this season and the world of the Vikings will be expanded as the drama unfolds this season. Needless to say we’re excited. Are you?

Join the adventure and watch Vikings tonight at 10pm EST/PST on History Channel.