Walter White Has Entrepreneurial Spirit to Spare In A Brand New Trailer for Season 5 of Breaking Bad

Remember a few days ago when I mentioned how strange it was that Breaking Bad wasn’t being more heavily advertised by AMC?  Well, this trailer doesn’t change much in that regaurd, really.  That said, it’s something, and a 45 second tease of the next season of the best show on TV is certainly worth your time.  Check it out below:

So what details can we gleam from this trailer?  Well, we know our two Meth Buddies in crime, Jessie and Walter, aren’t slowing down production (but for a show about a science teacher turned meth dealer, did you really think they would?)  Also of note is the return of Mike, who disappered for the last third of Season 4 but seems to be back in full force here.  Obviously he’s not thrilled about the demise of his former boss, but it looks like he’s not exactly opposing the duo either.  Whatever pays, I guess.

Whatever the case, all mysteries will be revealed when Breaking Bad returns on Sunday, July 15.  Mark your calenders!