War Nears Its End in Stunning The Clone Wars Final Season Trailer

The final season of The Clone Wars comes to Disney+ next month but this morning gives fans an epic look at the action in store for them.

If you’ve been looking forward to the return of The Clone Wars, the wait is nearly over. This morning, Lucasfilm released a brand new trailer for the upcoming final season of the animated series…and it’s pretty incredible:

DARTH MAUL!!!!! Everyone knows I’m a massive Darth Maul fan (the primary basis of my extensive Star Wars collection), and while I knew he’d be back in this season, I wasn’t expecting him to feature so prominently in this trailer. Couple that with some slick animation and impressive action sequences and you can consider my hype in full gear.

What’s interesting is that it sure seems like part of this show will have some overlap with Revenge of the Sith, which could make for some interesting stories. There’s also a sneaky Caleb Dume (Kanan Jarrus from Rebels) cameo in there to boot. All in all, this final season looks like it will deliver on all fronts.

We also have this GORGEOUS new poster to enjoy, as well as a February 21st release date. That’s a tad bit different than the previously revealed release date (the 17th), but things change. Either way, it’s exciting to see what’s coming for fans later on next month!

What are you most excited about seeing in The Clone Wars‘ final season?