We’re Not in Hawkins Anymore in First Stranger Things 4 Teaser

As hoped (expected), Netflix has renewed Stranger Things for a fourth season, and they’ve already launched a brief teaser to announce the good news!

The last season of Stranger Things was impressive and went bigger than ever before. As any good show does, however, it left some teases of where a potential fourth season could take viewers. Thankfully, today brings word that fans will indeed be getting another season of the show.

The news comes as part of a larger overall deal Netflix has made with the series’ creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, which is a multi-year overall deal for TV and films. That means you’ll be seeing more of the Duffer brothers’ work (not tied to the Upside Down) on the streaming platform in the years to come.

The teaser released obviously doesn’t give us much information, other than the creeping nature of the sinister Upside Down making a return, but it’s nice to see nonetheless. Considering how things left off in the finale, the tag line makes quite a bit of sense, but it also leaves the door open for a number of other stories to be told.

There’s no word on when we’ll see Stranger Things 4, so just buckle up and wait.