Universal Pushes Fast and Furious 9 Back to 2020

You see that dark cloud hanging above you?  No, you’re not the only one effected by it, because Universal  Pictures released tragic news that the 9th Fast & Furious movie won’t be releasing for another 3 years, in 2020.  

Originally set for April 19, 2019, the studio made the incredibly tough decision to push it back a full year, April 10, 2020.  While they have yet to comment on the reason, it could be due to the fact that Fast 9 has yet to sign a director.  The last person to direct a Fast movie was F. Gary Gray in April 2017’s The Fate of the Furious.

Other contributing factors to this 3 year delay could be casting.  Vin Diesel and many of the stars from the franchise are set to return.  The only person who is unclear is Hollywood’s busiest man, Dwayne Johnson.  It’s well-documented that Johnson and Diesel have never really seen eye-to-eye so it could be that Universal is doing everything possible to smooth things over so The Rock Can Come Back for Fast 9! (Admit it, you read it like The Rock).

The likeliest reason for the delay, though, could be a couple of things.  First, Universal may just want to prioritize another film to release in that slot.  Second, and my front-runner pick, Universal is trying to figure out what to do with this franchise.  The 8th film set up a main villain in Charlize Theron, so they have that, but consider how off-the-wall this franchise has become.  It went from trying to catch street racers to stopping nuclear submarines.  The only logical place for them to go next is space or the future.

Furious Deep Space 9 anyone?  Fast to the Future?  If that’s the road we’re going down, take all the time that you need Universal, we’ll see you in 2020.