Universal Revs Up for Fast and Furious Spinoff Following The Rock, Jason Statham, and Charlize Theron

The Fast and The Furious franchise has come a long way in the 16 years it has been running. Seeing 8 installments, and countless characters that we have come to know and love it all started as pretty much a remake of Point Break. We were street racing with an undercover cop hunting down a relatable “bad guy” who was stealing DVD players. Now we are stopping Nuclear War with The Rock. Quite a big leap forward if you ask me.

But what the franchise has done is made us care about these characters, and have a whole lot of fun on the ride all the way up to the most recent Fate of the Furious. Some of that fun really started to rev up in Fast 5 when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson introduced us to his character Hobbs. Fans immediately gravitated toward Hobbs, as we tend to do with The Rock but that wasn’t all the franchise had in store for us. In Furious 7, we were introduced to Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw. The biggest bad of them all. Yet to the surprise of most of their fans, Shaw had to team up with our good guys to save the day.

That said, the best part of Fate of the Furious, is the chemistry and Bromance between Statham and The Rock. It would make the most sense that these two characters are on screen together as much as possible. And it looks like Universal has that thought as well.

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Deadline is reporting that Universal has slated their first spinoff film in Fast and Furious Franchise history. The spinoff will follow Rock and Statham’s characters as they thrown together as an “Unlikely duo” having to work together to probably save the world. Chris Morgan, who has written the last four Fast and Furious films, will write the script. Variety adds to the story that Charlize Theron will potentially be the villain of the film.

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Fate of the Furious was supposed to set up the first of a new trilogy of films, so right now it is unclear if they are just going to focus on the spinoff route, or continue on with Fast 9 and 10. The franchise breathed new life once The Rock joined it, so it only makes sense that they continue to focus on his character. Not that the original crew has sizzled out, but the smart money follows the Rock for sure. 

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