Use Twitter to Get Paranormal Activity 3 in Your City Before Everyone Else

It’s an interesting contest/marketing move for Paramount.  Considering that the first movie became popular and picked up by Paramount due to the amount of online fans ‘demanding’ it come to their local theaters.  So in a lot of ways this new Twitter promotion really harkens back to this franchise’s roots.

This campaign launched today and the premiere events will happen in 20 cities around the world on the 18th.  If you want the premiere to happen in your city, you’ve got to tweet about it.  The cities with the most tweets by the 13th of October will be the ones chosen (with an announcement made on the 14th).

Paranormal Activity 3 poster

If you want to participate all you got to do is go to the official Paranormal Activity website and select their city from the interactive map on there.  That opens up a twitter box with a specific set of hash tags needed to enter the contest.  That’s all there is to it.

While I like the idea of going back to the fans to promote this movie…I can’t see much benefit from it.  Seriously, voting only brings the premiere to your city…That doesn’t mean you’ll actually get to go.  Either way, if you’re a fan, it could be a cool way to help it out.

If you’re dying to go see it early however, be sure to stay tuned to TMP as Paramount has already reached out to me about giving out some special advanced passes to the film.