Vanity Fair Reveals New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Images and Details

This morning, Vanity Fair revealed their (always spectacular) Star Wars issue, which brings oodles of new photos and information on The Rise of Skywalker.

As they did for the Prequels, one of the most consistent (and amazing) pieces of marketing for the Star Wars sequel films, has been Vanity Fair’s Summer issue. While we’ve had our first taste of The Rise of Skywalker thanks to a trailer last month, today brings eager fans brand new images from the incredible Anne Leibovitz and some details on the new characters/planets we’ll see:

New Planets

That’s right, it’s not Star Wars unless we see some desert planet action going on. While the new Disney Star Wars films have given us a Jakku and Jedha, The Rise of Skywalker will introduce yet another desert planet: Pasaana. The scenes for this location were shot in Jordan, in a valley called Wadi Rum, and from the looks of it, a BUNCH of action happens to take place there.

I mean, we see the Knights of Ren (finally getting some action after a quick tease in The Force Awakens), plus there’s a big ‘ol chase scene going down, not to mention the key sequence in the trailer showed Rey and Kylo. Whatever happens here seems to be awfully important.

That’s not the only new location we’ll be seeing, however. One of my favorite newly revealed images shows Keri Russell’s character (likely a bounty hunter of some kind), Zorri Bliss, on a new snow planet: Kijimi. The location in the shot is specifically called Theives’ Quarter, which almost instantly brings more questions to mind.

Aliens and Creatures

New Star Wars means new creatures and aliens. While we got a heads up on some of them during the Star Wars Celebration panel last month, Vanity Fair gives us a clear shot of some of the aliens inhabiting Pasaana. The ones you see above are known as Aki-Aki.

I love this shot. It’s just…great. There’s some great imagery of Finn and Noami Ackie’s new character, Jannah, riding horse-like creatures (called orbaks). There’s a blending of old-school fantasy and science fiction tech that just makes me want to see more.

Order and Resistance

By the end of The Last Jedi, the Resistance were on the ropes and the First Order were sitting high on the horse (having already destroyed the Republic leadership in The Force Awakens). Despite losing their big ship and Supreme Leader Snoke, there’s plenty more First Order evil going around…

Richard E. Grant will play Allegiant General Pryde in the film. While we obviously don’t know much about him or his overall role in the film, but we can all agree his looks absolutely menacing in this first look at his character (I’m digging his different uniform cut).

The Resistance isn’t without resources this time, however. Vanity Fair confirms The Rise of Skywalker takes place about a year after the events of the last film, which means are characters have been at war for a while now and more comfortable in their roles. As expected Rey and Kylo will face off (probably a few times) and I can’t freaking wait. I mean, just LOOK at that image of them battling during a storm!

No One’s Ever Really Gone

While this final film will continue to put the focus on the new generation, some old friends will still pop up. Though we’ve known since filming started that Mark Hamill would return in this film, I’m kinda surprised to see them show off any images of him in marketing. I’m not complaining, and this shot feels instantly iconic.

Billy Dee!! We got a glimpse of Lando Calrissian back in action during the trailer, but that still hasn’t stopped the massive smile on my face every time I look at this picture. Seeing him back on the Falcon, with Chewie is just stunning.

My heart…

Vanity Fair absolutely brought the goods, and their interview with JJ Abrams has all kinds of great insight and information. For more images be sure to check out their site as soon as possible and pick up the magazine when it drops next month.

Now….which cover are you getting?