Video Games Hit Hollywood: CBS Options Deus Ex, New Writers for God of War, and Microsoft Unveils Their Halo Webseries

First up, let’s talk about the project in the earliest stages of development; Deus Ex.  The other day, CBS revealed to Deadline that they have optioned the rights for a film based on Deus Ex, the succesful sci-fi noir games from Ion Storm and Eidos.  This news comes about a year after the latest game in the series, Human Revolution, hit shelves.  Who knows which game game will be the one to get adapted, if the film choices from only one source at all.  But the series certainly has style, which is something.  Get a good screenwriter/director on board, and you can really have something here.

Moving on, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Pacific Rim writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been tapped to rewrite the film adaptation of God of War over at Sony.  In addtion to Pacific Rim, the writers also wrote the first four Saw films.  The original writer, David Self, will still stay on the project as an executive producer.  

Halo WebSeries

Finally, Microsoft has unveiled Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, a live action web series that will eventually be compiled into a full length feature film.  The web series stars a bunch of relatively unknown actors, such as Tom Green and Daniel Cudmore, a.k.a Colossus from the first two X-Men films, who will be playing Master Chief in the series.  Set as a prequel to the new game, the series will be directed by Stewart Handler, of Sorority Row fame.  Ouch…that’s kind of a turn off.  Anyways, the project will have its official unveiling tommorow night at Comic Con, were fans will be able to see the first actual footage from the series.  You can watch a trailer for the project below, though:

And that’s it for today on video game to film adaptations.  But just wait until tommorow; the way this week is going, we’ll probably have plenty more for you then.