Villains Get the Focus in Latest Harry Potter Character Posters

Harry Potter Character Posters

No matter what you think of him or how terrified he makes you, one must admit that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named gives good face. Here’s the new character poster for the scary as hell Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter’s arch nemesis. What do you think? Is this a villain, or is this a villain?

Severus Snape Character Poster

Severus Snape has never been the sort of character to inspire warm and fuzzy feelings in a person’s heart, but his role in this saga seems ambiguous now. Is he a good guy or is he a bad guy? Well he definitely looks like a baddy in this character poster, but who knows. Snape’s last tete-a-tete with Dumbledore has left many wondering about his intentions. (Especially if you haven’t read the books!)

Draco Malfoy Character Poster

Draco Malfoy has always been a bully and has always goaded fans into a frenzy of dislike with his torment of our hero Harry Potter. I still remember how the audience cheered when Hermoine punched him in the nose. Now he’s on the cusp of manhood and he will be faced with some big decisions. Will he decide to firmly side with the Dark Lord’s camp once and for all, or is there a smidge of goodness under all his bravado?

Like the posters say, It All Ends July 15, 2011!

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