Vin Diesel Reveals New Riddick Movie and TV Series in The Works

The Chronicles of Riddick franchise hasn’t had the easiest road.  After the second film’s release, things seemed to be going well for the franchise, with a solid anime release and even a successful video game.  Then things went quiet, and the road to Riddick (which hit in 2013) was a long one.  Many never thought it would happen, and even when it was set to begin filming, funding completely dropped!  Somehow, everything came together and Riddick released, and was generally more enjoyable that the previous film.  It’s been a couple years, however, and it’s been quiet on the science fiction/action series…until now.  If you’re a fan of the Riddick universe, you have a couple things to get excited about.  

One Race Films, the studio behind the Riddick and Fast & Furious films, announced the launch of a new television division.  To help celebrate, Diesel took to his instagram to announce Merc City, a new series based on the Chronicles of Riddick universe, that would follow a group of mercs and bounty hunters (so likely Riddick himself wouldn’t play a huge part).  It’s kind of a neat idea, that allows them to continue to expand that franchise, without having to rely overly much on Diesel’s presence.  Not to mention it could bring in some fun stories.  


On top of THAT, Diesel also revealed that Daivd Twohy (the primary writer/director of the Riddick films) will start writing the script next month, for the next big screen outing for the character.  The film will apparently be called Furia…The homeworld of Riddick’s race who were wiped out.  While there’s obviously no story details, the title suggests that the next film will bring Riddick back into the larger universe, after a more limited story with the last film. 

What do you guys think of all this?  Are you ready for more Chronicles of Riddick on the big, and small, screen?