Wanna Watch Two Teaser Trailers for the Teaser Trailer for ‘Prometheus?’ (Yes, Really)

Yeah, we know; this isn’t exactly what you wanted.  In a day filled with trailers from upcoming movies such as Wrath of the Titans and (of course) The Dark Knight Rises, I’m sure you’d much rather prefer an entire trailer.  And yes, this method is pretty stupid.  Why the hell does Fox think we would want this?  Who do they think they are, Entertainment Tonight?

Despite how annoying this method of releasing trailers has become, there’s still some pretty great stuff in these “trailer trailers.”  Most of it is comprised of footage we saw at Hall H in Comic Con, and as I reported back in July, that footage was pretty fantastic.  As is this one, showcasing some pretty breathtaking shot and epic looking space sequences.  I can’t freaking wait for the full thing.  But on a final note, isn’t it weird that this trailer is set to the theme from Alien? Yet, Scott and Co. are denying that this is an Alien prequel?  STOP CONFUSING US!

Anyways, the first teaser trailer trailer:

And here’s the second one, which clearly leaked a day early:

Check back to TMP on Thursday, where we’ll have the first teaser trailer up the moment it hits!