Warner Bros. Eying Michael Bay to Direct DC’s Lobo

Believe it or not, Michael Bay has never directed a superhero film.  Crazy, right?  Giant explosions, supernatural abilities, over the top action, seems like it would be right up his alley.  Well, according to a new report by The Wrap, Warner Bros. is hoping that the Transformers director will make his superhero cinematic debut with DC‘s anti-hero, Lobo.

Warner Bros. has tried to make a movie for the 7 foot tall blue mercenary since 2009, but have been stalled along the way.  Initially, Guy Ritchie was attached to the project, using a screenplay by the late Don Payne.  Then, it went into the hands of San Andreas director Brad Peyton.  WB is working feverishly to make Bay the one to finally put the loudmouth biker on the big screen.  They’ve even gone as far as bringing Bay in to speak with Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs about the project and advise on some rewrites.  If all goes according to plan, Bay will sign a deal and Lobo will be on its way.

Sources say that WB is banking on Lobo being the answer to 20th Century Fox‘s Deadpool, which is entirely possible if done right.  

Created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, Lobo debuted in 1983’s Omega Men, but wasn’t given much limelight until the 90s when he was revived as an anti-hero biker; a parody of the big Marvel heroes of the time, like Cable.  Marvel and DC would end up having a bit of a rivalry between their two anti-heroes, even inserting a Lobo-like character into a Deadpool comic called Dirty Wolff.  It appears WB is looking to re-ignite that rivalry, but instead of DC vs Marvel it would be with Fox, until Disney takes over.

Michael Bay has received a lot of criticism, over the years, especially for the majority of the Transformers franchise.  However, a guy of his pedigree and talents could go a long way in giving us the Lobo movie we’ve yearned for, for years.  If you really think about it, his explosive nature mixed with Lobo’s outlandish exploits just seems like a match made in heaven.

Lobo has no set release date.