Warner Bros. Hires Bumblebee Writer to Revive Batgirl Film

Last year, everyone was stunned to find out that Joss Whedon was working on bringing a Batgirl story to the big screen.  Unfortunately, as luck would have it, Whedon suffered from a lack of writer’s block and ended up leaving the project, seemingly ending our hopes and dreams of seeing a Barbara Gordon flick.  Thankfully, a motivated Warner Bros. and DC Films team has found someone they believe can pen the story that Joss Whedon couldn’t, bringing us one step closer to a Batgirl film coming to fruition.

According to an exclusive report by THR, WB and DC have hired the writer of Bumblebee, the Transformers reboot, Christina Hodson to put a Batgirl story together.  Hodson’s resume also includes writing credits for 2017’s Unforgettable, starring Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl, and Paramount‘s Ology franchise.  

What makes Hodson such a great selection is that she’s already familiar with the character.  Previously, she had to help develop a feature project based on the Birds of Prey, an all-female crime-fighting group of which Barbara Gordon is part of.  With her familiarity with the character, it’s becoming more and more likely that Batgirl will find herself on the big screen sooner, rather than later.

The last time we saw Batgirl in a film was in 1997’s Batman & Robin, where George Clooney spent an hour and a half not moving his neck while Arnold Schwarzenegger made weird ice puns.  In that film, Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) was played by Alicia Silverstone.  With a screenplay moving forward, Batgirl could be finding herself with a new leading lady in the near future.

There is no release date set for DC’s Batgirl film.