Warner Bros. wants to give you blu-rays for your DVDs

I got this bit of news in my email today from WB and while it’s not a new program, they’ve expanded it yet again.  It actually started back in November 2009 but for those who aren’t aware of it he program is called DVD2Blu, and it’s pretty simple.  Mail in your DVDs and get blu-rays from the WB catalogue for about $5.


The system is pretty cool and makes switching to blu-ray a snap.  All you do is visit the main site (DVD2Blu.com) and click the Start Here button.  From here you can choose from about 100 different WB titles that are already on blu-ray (that’s the main update, since it originally started with far fewer than that).  I will tell you they don’t have them all, but they’ve got some good ones in there.  Prices range from $4.95 to $6.95 and $14.95 or $19.95 for their TV season.  Considering that most TV seasons come out on blu-ray for $40-$50 that’s not too shabby a deal.  Honestly I can’t tell you what makes the price different (for the most part it seems random), but overall a couple bucks isn’t that much difference.




Shipping is another $5 per order.  So what does that mean.  Get all of the blu-rays you want in one order and it’s still only $5 for shipping.  Plus it’s free if you get over $35 in your order.  The only thing is there’s a 25 title limit per order.


Now. you’re wondering what the catch is.  Like I said earlier, you have to mail them your old DVDs to get this deal (one for each new blu-ray you want).  Here’s where it gets better though: it can be any DVD.  It doesn’t have to be an upgrade of the same title, and it doesn’t even have to be a Warner Bros. movie (which is the newest feature to the program).  It can be any DVD that you bought in the past.  As long as it’s genuine (not a DVD-R you made yourself), professionally produced, and doesn’t feature any adult content you can send it in.  Even if you’re ordering a box set (like the Smallville or Chuck seasons on there) you still only have to send in one DVD disc.


Warner Bros. Logo


All in all, if you’re a fan of blu-rays, looking for a great deal, or just need an excuse to make the switch this is a pretty sweet deal.  My gut feeling says this isn’t a forever deal (even though it’s been around for a year), and even the main website says the offer can be withdrawn at any point.  So, if you’re going to get on this bandwagon you should do so soon.


For full official details, be sure to check out their program rules page, and let’s just keep our fingers crossed that maybe other studios will follow this idea!