Warner Bros. Working on Rebooting The Matrix

If you’ve been itching to go back in The Matrix, it looks like you’re in luck. An exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter, has sources saying that Warner Bros. is in the very early stages of developing a reboot to the classic 1990 sci-fi action film.  

As of now, there is no clear indication as to where WB wants to take the franchise.  However, they do have an idea as to who they want to play their lead, and it isn’t Keanu Reeves.  Instead, they’re eyeing one of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars Michael B. Jordan.

With a Matrix reboot in the works, it would mean that the Wachowski Bros. would be in the fold.  In actuality, that isn’t the case.  According to the report, it isn’t confirmed if the WB executives would want a return of the directing/writing duo, but early indications are promising.  In fact, the report states that Joel Silver, producer of the original trilogy, approached WB about making a reboot.  However, with his knack for budgetary issues and a strained relationship with the Wachowskis, WB isn’t too keen on the idea of working with him.  That would serve as pretty good evidence that WB wants the Wachowskis in the fold.

Currently, they’re in talks with writer Zak Penn (Alphas, X-Men/Avengers Comics) to put together a treatment.  

As more information unfolds, we’ll keep you updated here on Cinelinx!