Was Aquaman in Man of Steel?

How far ahead was Zack Snyder planning for the Justice League movie? Did he add a covert Easter egg into his Man of Steel film, to set up the appearance of Aquaman (Who will be played by Jason Momoa in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) later on?  While the heroic ruler of Atlantis did not actually appear on-screen in Man of Steel, he may have played a part in one of the early scenes of the movie, according to some Warner Bros executives.

In a Meet The Movie Press podcast, The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider claims he received information from some WB executives, claiming that the King of the Seas made an off-screen appearance in the dour Man of Steel movie. Aquaman sent two whales to save the stunned Clark Kent from drowning during the oil rig scene.

There’s a sequence in the film where a bearded Clark Kent (Henry Cavil) rescues a bunch of Merrevale oil rig workers from a burning rig, allowing them to escape in a copter, only to have the whole place collapse on him, and he falls into the ocean, dazed and semi-conscious. While sinking, he sees and hears a mama whale and her baby swimming above him. We then cut to a flashback of Clark and his mother Martha before seeing Clark emerge safely on the shore.

The whales may just have been a weak segue to a flashback, or maybe they had a deeper purpose for being there. Also, the name of the rig is a possible clue to a future appearance by Aquaman. The rig was from the Merrevale Oil Corporation. Merrevale Oil’s CEO, Jordan Wylie, had been an antagonist of Aquaman in the comics, due to the environmental destruction his company causes.

According to Sneider’s WB sources, Aquaman sent the whales to help someone he assumed to be a drowning man. The rescue will be mentioned again in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Aquaman’s actions will berevealed.

Was this planned all along or is this rewriting history to help connect the DC film universe?