Watch the Surprisingly Hilarious Red Band Trailer for 21 Jump Street

I’m going to say this right now…I loved this trailer.  For me that’s a pretty bold statement, considering I’ve wanted absolutely nothing to do with this project since I heard about it.  Part of it stems from the fact that I’m not sold on 80s TV show movie adaptations, and another part of it is, I was never a big fan of 21 Jump Street to begin with.

However, this trailer has me very excited for this film.  It’s funny, smart, and everything I didn’t know I wanted in this movie.  The trailer debuted on the Facebook page so you’ll have to head there to check it out.  We’ll update this article with the embed when it’s available.

Watch it?  Good.  See what I mean, it’s actually pretty funny, and doesn’t seem to fall into the traps some of the other TV show adaptations do (namely, too much self-awareness).  On the whole it just looks like a fun, stupid, buddy cop film that might actually work.  Time will tell.

So what do you guys make of this trailer?