WB Apologies for the Lame ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Poster From Yesterday With Six New Character Posters

Yesterday, a new poster for The Dark Knight Rises hit the internet.  Typically, that’s a reason for celebration.  Christopher Nolan movies have a good reputation for excellent posters, from Memento to Inception and, of course, The Dark Knight.  So when the new one-sheet for TDKR was released yesterday and it WASN’T great, fans were really disappointed.  And it wasn’t just the fact that the poster didn’t live up to Nolan’s legacy; it also just sucked, plain and simple.  

Well, Warner Bros. wants us to seemingly forget about that poster.  And what better way then releasing six other posters on the same day?  Below are all six character posters forThe Dark Knight Rises—the first three will be released domestically, well the other three will only hit international venues.

 TDKRCharacterPoster Batman

TDKRCharacterPoster Bane

TDKRCharacterPoster Catwoman

TDKRCharacterPoster2 Batman

TDKRCharacterPoster2 Bane

TDKRCharacterPoster2 Catwoman

So yeah…not the most amazing posters ever, mind you, but certainly an improvement over the last one.  One thing that keeps harping me about the entire TDKR advertising campaign in general, though, is its over reliance on the word “Rise.”  Yes, we get it—the movie is called The Dark Knight Rises; the title is right there on the poster.  You don’t have to slap the final word on there twice.  “The Legend Ends” is a much cooler tagline, in my opinion. 

We’re still a few months away from The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters, so hopefully we’ll still have a few more posters in store for us in the meantime.  Let’s hope they just get better from here.