WB Unveils the First Official Image of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises!

Wow, it seems like Warner Brothers has learned there lesson after all of the leaked pictures from the set of The Dark Knight Rises.  Yesterday morning, they released the first photo of Henry Cavill as Superman, and today, they’re showcasing Anne Hathaway as Catwoman!  At like, 3 am.  Thanks, WB.

Here’s the full picture, in all its glory:

The Dark Knight Rises

The pic was released via the film’s official website, TheDarkKnightRises.com, and saved under the file name “Selina_Kyle.jpg”. It’s pretty strange that the file is saved as Selina Kyle and not Catwoman.  In fact, has Warner Brothers even mentioned the name “Catwoman” in press releases and such.  Why is WB being so coy about such an obvious character?

Personally, I like the suit, but those weird glasses are jarring.  Hopefully those are only used once, and Catwoman’s signature mask will remain.  I also enjoy how Catwoman is on the Batpod. Strange little detail that just makes sense for the character.  Anyways, what do you think?  Are you digging the suit?  Sound off in the comments.