‘We Happy Few’ Feature Film Adaptation in the Works

For those of you who haven’t played Compulsion GamesWe Happy Few, the video game is about an isolated English town in an alternate 1960s.  The residents of this town are forced to take “happy pills”, aka “Joy“, to keep them seeing the world as it truly is.  In the game, we follow the one person who has decided to stop taking his Joy and discover the mysteries within this violent, creepy town.

If that doesn’t sound like the premise for a feature film, I don’t know what does.  Luckily, Gold Circle Films and dj2 Entertainment tend to agree and have bought the rights to the IP, in order to adapt this story for the big screen!

Gold Circle Films is behind films like Pitch Perfect, Slither, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Whereas, dj2 Entertainment is currently developing a Life is Strange TV series.  Gold Circle’s Paul Brooks and dj2’s Dmitri M. Johnson and Dan Jevons have signed on as Producers, with dj2’s Stephan Bugaj as executive producer.

Last year, We Happy Few was shown at E3 2016.  While there it earned countless awards, including a nomination for Cinelinx Best of E3, for an original storyline and an art style that seamlessly meshed Bioshock and A Clockwork Orange together.  Now that originality is coming to a theater near you.

As more information on the We Happy Few movie releases, we’ll have it here for you on Cinelinx.com!