What We Learned From DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League

Now, most of the show was stuff we already knew, with Kevin Smith acting like it was the first time he had ever heard of DC Comics.  It was the epitomy of geeking out.  We get it Kevin, you’re the hype man.  Calm it down, buddy.  In any case, there was a lot of noteworthy tidbits that are worth noting, courtesy of DC Comics co-host Geoff Johns.  Without further ado, here is what we learned.

Batman v Superman

  • Bruce Wayne, not knowing Superman, blames him for the destruction and the lives lost during the battle between Zod and Superman.
  • “Wayne is older, darker, more world-weary.” – Ben Affleck
  • “Superman sees Batman as a criminal, brutal and unforgiving.” – Henry Cavill
  • Lex Luthor with hair is an homage to his earlier depictions in the comics.
  • He sees Wayne as competition and learns everything about him, including his alter ego???
  • Luthor is the puppet master, manipulating Batman and Superman to fight each other.

Justice League

  • Aquaman’s real name is Arthur Curry
  • He is half human-half Atlantean.
  • His father was a lighthouse keeper/His mother was the Queen of Atlantis.
  • Aquaman is also an origin story.
  • He develops his powers and doesn’t know how to use them, he’s untrained.
  • The Flash follows Barry Allen and closely goes along with the origin story from The Flash TV Series and Comics.
  • They reference his ability to go back in time, which leads us to believe that could happen in one of the movies.
  • Cyborg’s real name is Victor Stone.
  • Before he became enhanced, he was an athlete.
  • His father is a scientist and through his technology and ability, he’s able to save his son from an unfortunate accident, creating Cyborg.
  • Cyborg is a technopath, meaning he can interface, seamlessly with anything technological.
  • Cyborg is at constant odds with himself and the tech.  He’s trying not to succumb to the tech and remain human.
  • He’s online 24/7, constantly retrieving data.

Wonder Woman

  • Wonder Woman is set in the WW1 era.
  • She comes from an island of Amazons called Themyscira.
  • Diana enters the world of man out of a sense of duty.
  • The shield she wields in Wonder Woman is not the same as the one in Dawn of Justice.
  • We finally see her in action and it’s pretty great.  Gal Gadot is becoming a believable Wonder Woman.
  • Wonder Woman is purely an origin story.

Suicide Squad

  • Katana’s Soul Sword imprisons the souls of everyone it kills.
  • The Joker isn’t a member of the Suicide Squad.  Obviously.  It was mentioned so we figured we might as well put this tidbit in.
  • Joker’s sweet purple cane is back.
  • DC released a new Suicide Squad trailer and boy was it sweet.  You can check it out in all its Bohemian Rhapsody glory here!

Green Lantern Corp

  • It’s happening!  The Corp is joining the universe!  No information has been released as far as if it will Hal, John, or whoever but it’s still cool that we’re getting this movie!

That’s everything we picked up from DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League!  What do you think?  Did you learn anything?  Did you see something we didn’t?  Let us know!