When Will Captain America Throw His Mighty Shield Again?

Captain America

Chris Evans is set to pick up his red-white-blue shield again in March of 2013 when he begins filming Captain America: the Winter Soldier, the sequel to CA:TFA. The movie, based on the popular Marvel Comics storyline written by Ed Brubaker, is scheduled for release on April 4th 2014, according to Evans. The title of the film was revealed at this years San Diego Comic-Con, to the delight of long-time comic fans who know that the “Winter Soldier” storyline brings back the presumed dead Bucky Barnes (Who was played by Sabastian Stan in CA:TFA) as a brainwashed Soviet assasin out to do-in his old friend. It’s likely the film will update the concept so that the Soviet Union will no longer be the masterminds behind the plan, but there’s no confirmation on that yet.

Not many people are overjoyed by the choice of sibling directors the Russo Brothers (You and me and Dupree) as the shepherds of the project but a lot can change over the next year. One thing that does have fans excited is that Anthony Makie (The Adjustment Bureau, the Hurt Locker) will be playing the new super-hero on the cinematic block. Mackie will be taking on the role of Captain America’s long-time friend and sometime partner Sam Wilson AKA the Falcon. Mackie is a talented actor and he should be able to create an interesting spin on the Falcon.

Captain America The Winter Soldier