Will Dawn of Justice Focus Mostly on Batman and Snub Superman?

 Superman may become a super sidekick in the upcoming Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice. According to the site Batman-On-Film.com, insiders say that the film will be very “Bat-heavy”, and Superman will be shoved down to the second rung of the ladder.

DC has a lot of faith in Batman, since he’s been their most successful franchise player, going all the way back to Tim Burtons’s hit films starring Michael Keaton.  The Nolan trilogy was a gold mine for Warner Bros. in recent years. However, they don’t have the same faith in the man from Krypton, since he his last two outings (Superman Returns, Man of Steel) disappointed most fans and failed to meet box office expectations. DC/Warner are taking no chances, according to Batman-On-Film.com. They are planning to place the focus of the new film on Affleck, who will have to carry the movie on his caped shoulders.

Despite the film being billed as an equal team-up, and its ultimate purpose as a set-up for the Justice League, not all heroes are created equal in this case. Apparently, when people watch the first trailer for the anticipated 2016 film, instead of seeing mostly Superman, or even seeing the two get an equal amount of time, it will be obvious that Batman is the star of the show.  Batman-On-Film says the teaser is ready to go and will be released in November or December.

This does follow from what we’ve seen so far. A large amount of the discussion about this project has been centered on Ben Affleck as the Batman. Hardly anyone is talking about Henry Cavill. At San Diego Comic-Con, most of that teaser footage shown centered on Batman in his new armor, with only a few seconds given to Superman. There have been recent articles devoted to revelations about Batman’s support cast of allies, and even to the Batmobile.  What have we heard about Superman? Even director Zack Snyder himself has admitted that the film will be “anti-Superman”.  

If all this is this is true, expect Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to be a Batman film, guest starring a flying guy with an ‘S’ on his chest. Can Batman keep up his box-office winning ways? Should Superman get an equal chance to shine, despite the failings of the dissatisfying Man of Steel? Has Batman won the fight already?