Will Smith’s kids ready to ruin “Annie” next


Variety brings us the bad news. Will Smith is in talks with Sony to remake the 1980s musical Annie, which is an adaptation of the Broadway smash. Smith plans to use his daughter Willow in the title role. At this point, nothing is set and talks are ongoing. Willow, for those that do not know, is a singer, apparently. I use the term “singer” loosely. Sony has not revealed whether the movie will be set in the Depression (as the original was) or will be an updated version. I’m guessing it’s an updated version with rap and R&B with a sassy, street-smart lead.

Willow Smith

It gets worse. Word is Jay-Z may be collaborating with the music. No word on whether the music will be new or if the original music will be reworked. Don’t forget, Jay-Z already has an Annie connection. He sampled “It’s a Hard Knock Life” into a rap version, in which he laments the burden of being a millionaire rapper. The video of the song is available on YouTube (NSFW, by the way), but I am guessing he may have to drop the F-bombs and N-bombs from the song if he uses it.


Since the reboot of The Karate Kid with Jaden Smith (Willow’s brother) made over $350 million worldwide, Sony is betting the Smith clan can pay off big for them once again.

Source: Variety