Wonder Woman Fights For Her Home in Trailer for ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’

The trailer for a new DC Animated film, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, has arrived, and gives us a look at Wonder Woman’s origins. Keep reading to learn more!

In the continuity of the DC Animated Universe, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is set up as a prequel to Justice League: War, and focuses on the origins of the Amazonian superhero, Wonder Woman, born Diana of Themyscira. For those who haven’t seen, or may not be familiar with how Wonder Woman came to be, this film looks like a great opportunity to revisit this character’s origins.

The trailer looks great. The first part neatly summarizes how Diana ended up leaving Themyscira before jumping ahead into the heart of the story. I presume there’s going to be some kind of time jump, because Wonder Woman appears to be fully established as a superhero in the trailer. Wonder Woman is seen fighting a host of villains, some unfamiliar, while others, including Giganta and Cheetah, are traditional foes of the character. What will be really interesting is to see 1) how the villain’s fight against Themyscira goes and 2) how are the villains able to find Themyscira in the first place? I’m very excited for Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.

When Amazon princess Diana of Themyscira chooses to save fighter pilot Steve Trevor, it’s a choice that will change her world and ours. Fulfilling the role of both ambassador as well as protector, Diana earns the name Wonder Woman from the gracious people of Earth. But her heart is as strong as her will as she is determined to help a troubled and embittered young girl whom has fallen in with a deadly organization known only as Villainy, Inc! Get ready for an exciting adventure packed with brutal battles, myth and wonder!

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is directed by Justin Copeland and Sam Liu. The film stars Rosario Dawson as Diana/Wonder Woman, Jeffrey Donovan as Steve Trevor, and Kimberly Brooks as Giganta and Cheetah.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines will release on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 22, 2019.