Wonder Woman Show Canned

Wonder Woman was supposed to be coming our way in the form of a television series, and it was supposed to air on NBC. Well they went ahead and casted Elizabeth Hurley, Pedro Pascal, Tracie Thoms and Cary Elwes and hired Jeffrey Reiner (“The Event”) to direct it. This is about where all the news went downhill for the film.

They released images of the future Wonder Woman suit and to say it looked like a cosplay outfit at San Diego Comic Con would still be giving it too much credit. Then comes the dreaded news I bring you. They do have a pilot for the show, but NBC has decided to drop all plans for it. They will no longer be airing it and any future plans of the show getting on TV seem very dim.

There are a little hopes of the pilot being released elsewhere however. The Smallville spinoff of Aquaman did see the light of day on Itunes and Bestbuy after it was dropped in similar fashion. This sucks for all the comic book nerds, like us here at The Movie Pool, that were looking forward to this!