World Of Warcraft Movie: Behind the scenes photo revealed!

World of Warcraft is played by 7.8 million people across the globe, making it a highly successful MMORPG which has stayed in the limelight for many years.

Empire has shared the exciting image, which teases us with the filming of a scene. The interior somewhat resembles Stormwind Castle, an Alliance flag hangs in the background of one shot and the mood given off by the characters seems to be serious and formal.


The floor and wall textures also seem to mimic that which is found within the in-game Stormwind Castle, which suggests that the movie adaptation will maintain at least a low level resemblance to the games’ scenery.

Stormwind Castle in-game


Exciting news for World Of Warcraft fans as this gives us definitive confirmation that the film is actually happening. Here at Cinelinx we can’t wait to hear more about the upcoming film, which is expected to be released in March 2016.