Zombieland 2 Get’s The Greenlight By Sony

Sony has already hired a writer, brought back the director, and has a producer for Zombieland 2. The writer is Dave Callaham, the writer behind Expendables and the recent Godzilla reboot. His recent film is titled Jackpot and it’s dark nature is what interested Sony in hiring him for Zombieland 2. As if Godzilla being a hit wasn’t big enough!

Returning to direct is Ruben Fleischer which will be in close contact with Callaham writing the movie. Producing the film will be Gavin Polone.

As for the cast? Well that hasn’t been secured just yet, and this is what is worrying. The entire crew behind Zombieland has soared after the films success. Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg both have become extremely popular in films, and the entire cast could be seen as an “all-star” cast right now. My opinion is they will probably all return, but the film will not have a low budget like the first one simply due to the amount they will need to pay each person.

The film is still in early stages though, so who knows what will happen from this point on!

Source: Deadline