Zombieland 2 Script In The Works By Deadpool Writers

Zombieland released back in 2009 and to the surprise of Sony it was a hit. The low budget zombie infested comedy struck gold with audiences just before Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg took off to become major movie stars.

That is why Sony basically green lit the sequel as soon as possible, and adding to the excitement is the fact the entire cast and crew are also onboard. Granted the screenplay is superb.

That is where the snag comes into play. Sony has gone through “dozens of writers” that have tried to pen the script, but nothing has really struck just yet.

The latest update on Zombieland 2 is that writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Rheese are going to return to the project. They wrote Deadpool and are currently working on Deadpool 2, but Sony believes that their mix between action and comedy is perfect the follow up film. They did after all write the first Zombieland. 

The duo were originally announced to be executive producers of the project, but now they are taking a more hands on approach to get it correct.

On Kevin Smith’s podcast show Geeking Out they mentioned:

“That is breaking news that we’re on Zombieland 2 right now. We’re sitting with Woody [Harrelson] tomorrow and are going to sort of walk him through some of the stuff we want to do. All the cast is pretty excited.” (Via Screenrant

It seems that Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and Abigail Breslin are all sticking by the project even to this day, years later.  It will be interesting how the time gap is approached since all of the actors have noticably grown since the first film. There is also a possibility that we see another cameo appearance, this time perhaps by Ryan Reynolds.